Summer Break-Ins

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COLUMBIA - While summer brings picnics, vacations and days by the pool, it can also bring more burglaries, according to a press release from the Missouri Insurance Information Service.

Spokesperson Stephen Witte said residential burglaries are most likely to happen during summer months.

"Summer is peak season for residential burglary because people are out of the house more and schools are generally not in session," he said.

According to the release, the FBI reported nearly half the time, burglars get into houses through an unlocked door or window.

It's exactly what happened to MU freshmen Will Akers and Ben Walker. They share a house with several roommates, and were burglarized one night while they were out. 

Walker said on June 10th, they all left the house to hang out downtown. While they locked the front door, they left the side door unlocked.

When they came back at around midnight, a number of their personal items were gone.

"My laptop got taken, we had a couple tv's, cash was taken, wallets and my razor," he said.

In addition to those items, the thieves also stole medicine and a $300 dollar pair of prescription glasses.

Both said it's not the first time they've heard of houses on East Campus being burglarized this summer.

"I have some coworkers who live on East Campus who've had it happen to them as well," Walker said. "I think it's fairly frequent around here. I believe this house got robbed before we moved into it."

"Actually the police officer that responded to the call, he said there was a robbery the same night on Wilson Street," Akers said.

Walker said he's not surprised to hear more burglaries happen during the summer.

"The people who are living on East Campus during the school year at least know what to expect, they're primarily older," Walker said. "But we coming from the dorms, this is our first times living on our own. We're basically isolated for the first time and it makes for an easy target." 

Witte said there are a number of common sense ways to protect your home, such as putting in working locks and installing floodlights. He also suggested cutting the grass consistently, buying or leasing a security system and making it look like someone is home.