Summer School Attendance

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COLUMBIA - Thursday marks the last day of the school year for Columbia Public Schools. While some students may celebrate the upcoming school break, others have a quick turnover with summer school starting Monday, June 9. 

The school district sent out memos to many parents explaining summer school welcome and how crucial it is to have their children attend. The memo said, in part "School attendance is very important. Attendance affects our funding and can result in reduction of classes due to low attendance. Please help us by attending all days possible."

KOMU 8 News spoke to a Columbia mother and she said she has never seen that before on any summer school memo.

Another Columbia mother, whose children will be in summer school for the second year, said despite the memo, she has seen the school district and teachers be extremely lenient. She said there is a difference in their thought process about attendance during the summer vacation.  

"I talked to the teachers," Schmid said. "And it seems like there is a low key atmosphere that is different than the regular school year." She continued, "So if different events came up, they were very accommodating." 

Columbia Public Schools said it takes summer school seriously and attendance is always an issue whether it's in the summer or during the regular school year.