Summerfest Back on Ninth Street After Controversial Move

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COLUMBIA - Concert goers filled Ninth Street Wednesday evening to watch guitarist Jimmy Vaughn during Summerfest. It's the first time the concert series is back on Ninth Street after moving to Park Avenue in July. The move was in response to the city council approving Red and Moe Pizzeria to sell alcohol outdoors during the concerts. The concert series is facing different pressures from various different businesses.

In July, more than 20 businesses signed a petition asking the city council to reconsider some Summerfest approvals. The petition asks the city council to only approve Summerfest concerts on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesday and during the summer, not during the school year.

Some business owners that signed the petition clarified they aren't against the concert series, but just want to see changes.

""The recent petition we signed made some think we are against Summer Fest. We aren't at all," said Shakespeare Pizza's Facebook page. "The real issue is how often and why a private, for-profit business uses public property for private gain."

The city council is still considering changes to a city ordinance regarding street closures.

The next Summerfest concert is scheduled for September 14th featuring Robert Earl Keen. That's a Wednesday, but during the school year. It's scheduled to be held on Ninth Street.