Supplement Pulled from Shelves for Meth-Like Ingredient

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COLUMBIA - After a study by the Drug Testing and Analysis journal reported a pre-workout supplement contains a meth-like substance, one Columbia store pulled the supplement off its shelves.

The study found the supplement, Craze, contains N,alpha-diethylphenylethylamine or N,a-DEPEA l, an analog of methamphetamine.

The manager at Supplement Nation, Rob Huber, said he pulled the supplement Tuesday morning after hearing about the potentially harmful ingredients. He said he heard from more people looking for the supplement than ever before after the study was released.

Huber said the supplement was not very popular, so pulling the supplement will not have an impact on business.

The manager at Wilson's Fitness said it is difficult to tell if a supplement will be harmful because the Food and Drug Administration does not monitor workout supplements. He said people need to take the "buyer-beware" approach when looking for a supplement.

"I always recommend organic fruits and vegetables to my clients for natural energy rather than supplements," said Steven Kassel, a trainer at Wilson's Fitness.

Rochelle Duncan ran one marathon in the spring and is training for another one at the end of the month. She said she uses a pre-workout supplement to help her on her runs.  

"You add it to your water and you drink it, and it gives you clarity, it gives you energy that's sustainable through all 20 miles and doesn't make me feel like I hit a wall," Duncan said.

Duncan said she has never used or heard of Craze, but she said she did her research and checked the ingredients before she tried the supplement she uses. She said she looked up any ingredient that sounded unfamiliar.