Supreme Court ruling on sports betting could impact Missouri

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JEFFERSON CITY - A Supreme Court ruling on Monday to lift the federal ban on sports betting could impact Missouri.

While the ban has been lifted, it is now up to the states to determine whether they will individually legalize gambling. Senator Denny Hoskins, R-Caldwell, proposed a bill in February to legalize sports betting. Hoskins believes it could generate a lot of revenue for the state.

"It would probably provide between 14 and 40 million dollars additionally in new revenue for elementary and secondary education, as well as higher education," Hoskins said.

Sports books would be taxed at a rate of 14 percent, if the bill were to pass.

Columbia's second ward city council member Michael Trapp is opposed to betting becoming a legally-run operation.

"In general, I am not supportive of expanding the footprint of legalized gambling," Trapp wrote in an email. "The risk of sports betting being a corrupting influence makes me suspect of pursuing something like that."

"I think that is the biggest sticking point," Hoskins said. "Many of my colleagues are philosophically against the expansion of gambling."

Hoskins said he hopes to get his bill passed by the end of the week, but is pessimistic due to the end of the legislative session looming.