Supreme Court to hear gay marriage cases, Missourians react

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COLUMBIA - People around the country are reacting to the Supreme Court's decision Friday to make a decision on whether gay marriage is unconstitutional. 

KOMU 8 News talked to several people today and asked what their thoughts were on the decision.

Kevin Clohessy and Randy Rodgers are a same-sex couple who were married about three years ago in Iowa, although they have been together for almost 16 years.

Clohessy said he thinks it's about time the issue became national.

"Every other major issue of inequality has been resolved and continues to be resolved in forms of what is most equal," he said. "So I look forward to the decision coming down. The rest of the country is going to have to accept whether they like it or not."

Pitt Potter owns the Arch and Column Pub in Columbia and supports gay marriage. He said he believes a family is a family, and children will grow up fine regardless of whether the parents are of the same gender.

"A child's gonna be raised as they'll be raised and if you teach a child some values then I think they're gonna hang on to those values all the way through," he said. "It really doesn't matter if it's a bio mother and bio father that are doing it or if it's anybody else."

An opponent of gay marriage countered Potter's point. Father Joseph Minuth from the St. Thomas More Newman Center said he believed the opposite to be true of the family structure. 

"Having worked with a lot of at-risk youth I can say fathers play an important role that's hard for the mother to make up for. The same is true for the mother's role," he said. "Children recognize the difference between the genders, and they need both."

The Supreme Court will hear cases in April to allow time for the case to be decided by the end of the current term in late June.