Supreme Court Upholds Stripper Restrictions

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Supreme Court issued an opinion Tuesday, upholding the current restrictions placed on strip clubs and other sexually oriented businesses in Missouri.

The law passed in 2010 bans nude dancing in public, requires semi-nude dancers not touch or come within six feet of customers, prohibits alcohol in sexually oriented businesses, requires sexually oriented businesses to close between midnight and 6:00 AM and requires viewing booths in sexually oriented businesses to be visible from a central operating station.

In September, president of VCG Holdings, a group that manages strip clubs in the St. Louis area, Michael Ocello appealed a trial court ruling that upheld the law does not violate the first amendment by placing unreasonable restrictions on sexually oriented businesses in Missouri.

An attorney for the adult entertainment industry in Missouri said he's considering appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court.