Survey Measures Emergency Preparedness at Midwest Businesses

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COLUMBIA- A recent survey conducted by Staples measured how prepared Midwest businesses are for severe weather and tornadoes.

The company surveyed more than 200 workers in the region and found that three out of four workers claim their employers do not re-examine safety plans. Midwest employees felt unsafe the most compared to other regions in the nation according to the survey.

Boone County National Bank Senior Vice President of Marketing, Mary Wilkerson said her business performs safety drills on a regular basis. She said the company takes extra precaution in the event of severe weather.

Wilkerson said the business locks down in an event of an emergency so they have to take extra precaution.

"One of the things that we really try to watch for since we have to do a lock down in an emergency situation that we don't lock people out of the building when people might be coming to us for safety," Wilkerson said.

Additionally, one fourth of employees also say their businesses lack a severe emergency plan.

Save-A-Lot Manager, Anthony Plugger said every business should be conscious of how severe weather could affect their customers.

"I think it's important for every business to have one. If your customers don't feel safe why would you want them to come in during a time of need," said Plugger.

Midwest employees list their top three safety work concerns as falling, natural disasters and ergonomic issues.