Survey ranks Missouri in top 10 for mood-altering drug use

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COLUMBIA - According to Gallup, around 20 percent of Missourians use some form of drug to alter their mood almost every day. 

That's enough to put Missouri as the eighth most likely state. 

The study classified drug use as anything which could alter your mood or help you relax, so it could range from alcohol to recreational drugs to prescription medication. 

One doctor in Columbia said it is common to see someone with a prescription for a mood-altering drug. 

"It's a common theme," Providence Urgent Care doctor Jason Zerrer said. "We do see a lot of people who are on medication for that kind of thing, but that's purely anecdotally. It doesn't surprise me that it's common." 

Zerrer said the biggest issue Providence Urgent Care has with these drugs is how they would interact with other treatments.

"It's an issue in terms of these medications have lots of interactions with other things," Zerrer said. "We run into issues more when we're trying to use other medications, and they have interactions with these medicines, and we kind of have to alter the plan."

Abuse of recreational drugs however is a rare occurrence at Providence Urgent Care according to Zerrer. 

"We don't see much in terms of abuse or drug seeking," Zerrer said. "More so it's people that are on stable, long-term medications to try and help them out."

He added the drug abuse he did see was mostly pain medication, like oxycodon and hydrocodon.