Sustainability Office Hosts 'Gasland' Movie

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COLUMBIA - The City of Columbia Sustainability Office showed a screening of the movie "Gasland" at the Rag Tag Cinema Wednesday night. The movie talked about hydraulic fracking, which is natural gas drilling in wells. The drilling contaminates water with chemicals it uses to free the gas and the excess water waste is dumped into landfills seeping back into the ozone.

Columbia Sustainabilty Manager Barbara Buffaloe wanted to show the movie to Columbia residents to connect how the city uses methane gas in landfills to power the city.

"We capture it, extract it to our generators to basically make electricity for our grid," Buffaloe said. "It's pretty cool, but we want to find more natural gas options for a sustainable future."

After the movie, residents and other sustainable directors from around the country led a discussion on more sustainable options for Columbia.