Sutherlands In Moberly Closes for Good

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MOBERLY- Sutherlands, a locally owned home improvement warehouse, is officially closing its doors. The store donated a little over $70,000 worth of merchandise to the Northeast Community Action Corporation, better known as NECAC. NECAC received more than five large loads of home improvement supplies that varied from brooms to caulking grease. They even received lights and steel fixtures, a variety of home projects.

NECAC plans to give all of the donations they received Wednesday to local residents who cannot regularly afford it."We are so excited to do this. We will even have enough to give away for our Christmas program," said program director Betty Whittaker. Whittaker also touched on how Sutherlands' absence will be leaving some without jobs. "To our knowledge there will be nine people without a job. It is so unfortunate because these people have skills and we have offered our help here at the career center, but it is a hard market."

Larger national corporations overtaking local businesses like Sutherlands is a common chain effect lately.  Mark Armstrong, a warehouse manager, said, " A lot of these mom and pop stores just don't have a chance. These bigger stores come in with lower prices and a lot of people prefer to shop there. Instead of shopping locally they'd rather drive 15-20 miles and go to a bigger stores which has lots bigger variety and the prices are a lot cheaper."