SWAT Searchs Trailer for Meth; Authorities Anticipate Arrests

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BOONE COUNTY - Boone County detective, Thomas O'Sullivan, said the sheriff's department anticipates multiple arrests for selling methamphetamine.

Boone County Sheriff's Department served a search warrant at a trailer in Rustic Meadows Trailer Park Thursday morning.

He said the department used a SWAT team to enter the trailer.

O'Sullivan said a woman was inside but deputies did not arrest her.

Some people who live near the trailer said the residents moved from a different trailer in the same park less than a year ago. The neighbors said they have noticed weird behavior for a while.

One neighbor said cars come and go often, usually picking up and dropping off large items like furniture. He said one time a van parked far down the road, a man walked to the house and only stayed for a few minutes before he returned to his van and drove away.

Another neighbor said she wakes up before five a.m. to go to work and the residents are usually already outside making noise.

Brandon Robertson has lived in the trailer park for about a year with his four-year-old son and is not comfortable knowing people may be selling methamphetamine near them.

He saw the SWAT team and other deputies arrive Thursday morning and said they were at the trailer for a while.

He said he's also concerned about why authorities didn't leave with anybody to put into custody.

O'Sullivan said he didn't want to be too specific about why the deputies did not arrest anyone today, but said the woman in the trailer is, "someone that is known to us, as well as her associates, for engaging in the methamphetamine trade."

He said detectives found digital scales, a small amount of methamphetamine, and other materials they suspect a person would use to sell the drug.

O'Sullivan said officials at the department have been keeping an eye on the people who live in the trailer for an extended period of time.

Detectives developed sufficient probable cause to issue a search warrant Thursday because they, "monitor their activities and their number came up," according to O'Sullivan.