T-shirt Owner Inspires Mid-Missouri Entrepreneurs

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COLUMBIA - Aspiring entrepreneurs gained business advice from successful Missouri business owners on Friday at the #Boom event in Columbia. Dozens of entrepreneurs gathered at the Holiday Inn Expo Center to share professional advice for those interested in starting a business.

Bryan Simpson, co-founder and CEO of 5 Pound Apparel and "Missouri is Awesome" screen-printing company was one of the speakers at the event.

Simpson shared his story of developing his screen-printing business while in college, in the efforts to give back to non-profit organizations. He said he looked to Google and how-to books to learn how to open up a business.

5 Pound Apparel kick started a campaign in 2013 called "Missouri is Awesome," where he specifically makes apparel designed for his love of the state of Missouri.

For every article of clothing sold, the company donates five pounds of nutritional supplement to Nepal Nutrition.

Simpson said he encourages young aspiring entrepreneurs to open up their dream businesses while they're young so they have time to learn from obstacles.