Talk Turns to Akin\'s Withdrawal from Senate Race

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JEFFERSON CITY - If Todd Akin plans to withdraw from the U.S. Senate race, he has effectively until 5p.m. Tuesday.

A growing number of Republicans, including U.S. Senator Scott Brown (R-Massachusetts), are now calling for Akin to resign. The calls come after an interview with KTVI in St. Louis during which Akin made the following statement regarding the right to an abortion if a pregnancy results from a rape. Akin said, "It seems to me, first of all, from what I understand from doctors that's really rare. If it's a legitimate rape the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down."

The conservative spending group Crossroads GPS has already pulled its ads from the Missouri Senate race, according to

According to Missouri Election Law,the final day to withdraw without a court order is Tuesday, August 21 by 5p.m. A candidate, however, could withdraw using a court order until September 25.

Should Akin withdraw his candidacy, the state Republican party committee would then nominate a new candidate. If Akin were to do so by Tuesday's deadline, the state party committee would have until September 18 to file a candidate.

Calls to the Missouri Republican Party were not returned as of this writing.

On Mike Huckabee's radio show Monday, Akin apologized for his comments, but said he's sticking in the race. A tweet from his official Twitter account said: "I am in this race to win. We need a conservative Senate. Help me defeat Claire by donating."