Talks for a new way to recycle rolls through Columbia

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COLUMBIA - The Environment and Energy Commission is discussing a different way to dispose of your recyclables.

Tuesday the commission drafted a proposal to send to the Columbia City Council about the merits of using roll carts. The commission said the roll carts would be part of the Pay-As-You-Throw trash system. The commission said it believes recycling using roll carts would increase the rate of recycling. Columbia's current rate is about 17 percent, according to the commission, which is about half the national average. One commission member, Herbert Tillema, said the roll carts would also increase safety among garbage collectors, citing there have been multiple injuries with the job.

"It's a risky undertaking. But if we can reduce the extent of that, we can address the cost issue, the injury issue, and for many homeowners, a convenience issue," Tillema said.

The commission also proposed that the city use automated garbage trucks.