TARGET 8 Fact Check: Ad says McCaskill works across the aisle

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COLUMBIA - Senator Claire McCaskill has long claimed she is not a party line Democrat.

The senator says she can cross the aisle to compromise and does not always vote with her party.

Claim: Senator McCaskill is not a party line democrat.

Recently, in a radio ad the senator approved, two men call out Democrats, but say McCaskill works to cross party lines.

"And Claire's not afraid to stand up against her own party. Yup, and Claire's not one of those crazy Democrats. She works right in the middle and finds compromise," the ad said.

In an October debate in St. Louis, McCaskill and her Republican opponent Josh Hawley went back and forth on how often the senator votes.

"The fifth most likely senator to break with my party. That's because I look at every issue on its merits and not on a party line," said McCaskill.

Result: We find this claim needs context.

An article in a Washington, D.C. paper called Roll Call says McCaskill is the fourth most likely Democrat to side with President Trump.

But, ProPublica says McCaskill ranks eighth in terms of most likely democrats to vote against the party.
The same ProPublica ranking said McCaskill voted against her party 16.9 percent of the time, while the average senate democrat voted against the party 10 percent of the time.
Claim: McCaskill votes with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer 90% of the time.
At the same St. Louis debate, Hawley responded to McCaskill's bipartisan claim.
"Despite voting with Chuck Schumer 90% of the time, however. So apparently Chuck Schumer must be on that list," Hawley said.
McCaskill fired back with her own claim.
"And President Trump 50% of the time," she said.
Result: We find this claim needs context.
Both of these numbers are inflated.
ProPublica said McCaskill and Schumer agree 80 percent of the time and not 90 percent, like Hawley said.
On top of that, the blog FiveThirtyEight tracks lawmakers Trump score, how often someone votes in line with Trump's position.
McCaskill's Trump score is about 45 percent and not 50 percent like she said.