Target 8 Investigation: I-70 Toll Roads Would Cost Drivers

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MID-MISSOURI - Borrowing an old sports phrase, you can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? When it comes to fixing Interstate 70 across Missouri, talk is cheap...but the concrete isn't.

The newest talk is about turning I-70 into a toll road. In a Target 8 investigation, KOMU found that drivers aren't going to get nickeled and dimed driving across I-70, it's going to cost a little more than that: about 10-15 cents per mile.

Jefferson City Senator Mike Kehoe is sponsoring a bill to turn I-70 into a toll road, and the only other options for raising the $2 billion to $4 billion it would cost to fix the road would come from either a sales tax increase or fuel tax hike.

Kehoe's plan would give the Missouri Highway Commission the authority to negotiate a toll deal and would bypass a vote of the people.

The Missouri trucking industry is very much against the toll road proposal.