Target 8 Investigative Team Takes Tips

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COLUMBIA -  Have a tip? Know of a story that need investigation? If you send it into KOMU, the Target 8 Investigative Team takes an in-depth look at your information.

"We look at stories from the general public, a story from you or me, and we dig and we back up what they're saying," said KOMU managing editor, Elizabeth Frogge. "We look for documents, facts and data: for ways that one person's story can have an impact on our entire audience."

Many investigative stories done by the Target 8 Investigative Team get quick results. For example, after story about the Tiger Hotel raising rates during Homecoming weekend on October 28th.  Just three days later, after involvement from lawmakers, the hotel began reimbursing guests.

"Folks can let us know about something that they think is wrong, that we should look into..." said Target 8 Investigative Team member, Dan Kennedy.

Kennedy said, "A good tip is one with legs, where we call and it turns out that there is a story there.  If there are misdoings in business or corruption in government...we are the watchdog, after all."