TARGET 8: Over half of Greiten\'s 2016 contributions from outside Missouri

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JEFFERSON CITY - As the November elections get closer, candidates across Missouri are rallying to get donations to keep funding their campaigns. KOMU 8 News took a look at the gubernatorial race, and where the donations have been coming from since the beginning of 2016.

Target 8 looked at funds from January 1, 2016 until the end of April that were disclosed to the Missouri Ethics Commission and analyzed the total amount of money raised from out of state as well as the percentage of each campaign's income.

Greitens for Missouri raised the most money with $1,030,887.49 total in the three months. Out of that, $679,201 are from out of state. As a percentage, Greitens for Missouri is getting 65.8 percent of its money from outside the state of Missouri in 2016.

KOMU 8 News spoke to Austin Chambers from the Greitens campaign who said Greitens for Missouri has "Raised more in the state of Missouri than the rest of other candidates combined." He used the 4th quarter of 2015 as an example, but when KOMU 8 News checked on funds from the beginning of 2016, and by this time, this was no longer true.

Greitens for Missouri has raised $351,686.49 since 2016 began, but when you add up the total amount of money raised by the Brunner, Hanaway and Kinder campaigns, they have raised over $942,786.25 from Missouri.

Catherine Hanaway raised the largest amount of the other three republican candidates. Hanaway for Governor collected $522,942.56 in Missouri since January 2016. Hanaway has collected $557,913.36 in 2016, with $34,970.80 from out of state.  That is equivalent to 6.2 percent of  Hanaway for Governor's total contributions for 2016.

John Brunner's campaign has raised significantly less money than Catherine Hanaway's campaign with $148,195.89 total since the start of 2016. $14,839.48 of that money is coming from outside the state of Missouri, which amounts to 10 percent of Missourians for John Brunner's total.

Peter Kinder and Missourians for Peter Kinder have raised $332,012.28 since January 1. 13.7 percent of that money, or $45,525, is money from outside of Missouri.

Current Attorney General Chris Koster is running on the Democratic side of the ticket, and has raised the most amount of money since the beginning of 2016 with a total of $2,196,879.36. Koster for Missouri has received $527,265.82 from outside of Missouri, with over $160,000 coming from Washington D.C. This means 24 percent of Koster's contributions are coming from outside the state.

Editors' Note: The Greitens campaign questioned the numbers, and KOMU 8 News reviewed the figures again for verification and determined our calculations are accurate.

KOMU 8 News was able to analyze this data because campaigns are required to disclose contributions that are received to the Missouri Ethics Commission. This is a three month analysis looking at money coming in during the actual election year and not the entire longevity of the campaign.