Target Credit Card Breach Slows Local Bank

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COLUMBIA - Boone County National Bank saw an overflow of concerned customers Friday. The panic came just one day after target announced some of their shoppers might have been the victims of a breach. Boone County National Bank online services were slowed and callers were asked to wait an unusually large amount of time for services. The Boone County National Bank released multiple tweets informing customers about the fraud, it's slowed online banking services and how to take caution.

"With everyone trying to check their information, our internal systems are experiencing major slowness. Please be patient as we work on it," the bank said on Twitter.

Senior Vice President of Marketing Wilkerson said target shoppers should not be worried unless they've seen something unusual on their account.

"There shouldn't really be any interruption in service. From what we understand right now, there hasn't been any fraud detected on any account so far," said Wilkerson.

The Boone County National Bank received a list of the names of its customers that have been affected by the scam. It has called all of its bankers that appear on the list. The bank was given a list from MasterCard.

Wilkerson also said people should call their local bank to further analyze the situation if customers see something unusual.

"Unless you're seeing odd activity on your account, there is no reason to be panic stricken about getting a card right away," said Wilkerson.

Wilkerson said the sight of an unusual transaction at a small amount is the first sign of being hit by the fraud. She said the bank encourages you to constantly monitor your online account.