Tax protests

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COLUMBIA - Residents gathered outside of Columbia City Hall on Wednesday to express concerns about how the GOP tax plan could affect the economy and families in mid-Missouri.

Kate Canterbury is an organizer for CoMo for Progress. She said people should take time to read more about what the tax plan means for the middle class.

"Right now we're saying that his tax plan doesn't help mid-Missouri, it heavily favors people who make over $400,000 year, which almost no one can consider the middle class," Canterbury said.

One major effect of the bill according to Congressional Budget Office is the elimination of the individual mandate.

"The bill also would permanently repeal the penalties associated with the requirement that most people obtain health insurance coverage."

For some who attended the rally, the affect the plan would have on graduate students is important as well. 

Andrew Hoberek attended the rally in support of graduate students. 

"This bill will tax the graduate students' tuition waiver, which isn't money they're being paid, it's just a rebate for their tuition," Hoberek said.

"This affects undergraduate education too because a lot of students depend on graduate students to teach them."

Earlier this week the tax package moved forward after being voted to pass by the Budget Committee. This gives the bill a chance to be voted on by the senate later this week.

On Monday President Trump tweeted about what he believed to be the benefits of the plan. 

"With just a few changes, some mathematical, the middle class and job producers can get even more in actual dollars and savings and the pass through provision becomes simpler and really works well!," Trump said.