Taxi Companies See a Huge Increase in Business This Weekend

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COLUMBIA - Both Tiger Taxi and Columbia Taxi saw a huge increase in business Saturday because of the Mizzou vs. Georgia game. Both companies say this is the busiest they have ever been.

The companies say they have been driving a mixture of Georgia and Mizzou fans since 8 a.m. The taxi services run 24 hours and say they don't expect business to slow down anytime soon.

"Business has been exceptionally great today. It is more than doubled our average day, so I mean for a typical weekend we are over twice as much as normally what we would be seeing," said Tiger Taxi Office Manager James Thompson.

"We've been busy since this morning. Everybody is running. We are doing the best wecan to get everybody [around] safely," said Columbia Taxi owner Laden Shivers.

Tiger Taxi is the oldest taxi service in Columbia. The company has a total of 10 cars, eight of which were picking up passengers around Columbia today. Thompson says that his workers work 12 hours shift everyday and they came in work prepared to work all day.

Columbia Taxi celebrated its one year anniversary in August. Today, Columbia Taxi put three drivers on the street.The company charges $2 to get in the taxi and $2.50 per mile. The owner says all of her employees have been doing a good job of monitoring the radio and making sure all of their customers get the necessary service.

Both services say they have picked up more than 200 people and expect that number to double once the game is over.