Taxpayers experience the city planning process

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COLUMBIA - On Monday Columbia taxpayers got to experience the planning process for future projects in the city.

The exercise in planning was part of the Ward 2 check-in at Parkade Elementary. City officials asked members in attendance to simulate choosing from a list of city projects to include on an upcoming Capital Improvement Project ballot.

"What we're trying to do is let our citizens understand what it's like to work on a limited budget, when you have more needs than you actually can fulfill and sit sort of in the perspective of the administrator making those decisions," said Leah Christian, a management fellow with the city manager's office.

Participants also offered their own project ideas to city officials.

The Capital Improvement Program focuses mainly on parks and other public outdoor areas in Columbia. The city has several improvement projects in the works and can be found here.

This was all part of a simulated exercise, so no new projects are being added to the city's agenda. This was simply a way for citizens to understand and interact with the city's planning process.