Taxpayers Get Extended Deadline

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COLUMBIA - Taxpayers are still in time to file their federal income tax return this year until Tuesday. The normal deadline, April 15, has been extended until April 17.

April 15 fell on a Sunday this year, and Monday is a D.C. holiday, which affects tax deadlines the same way federal holidays do. The two days together account for extra time for filing tax return.

Taxpayer Shauna Avery wasn't aware of the extension when she walked into the H&R Block. She said she was happy to know that there would be no late fees.

Another taxpayer, Alice Spurgeon, said she procrastinated until the last minute as she had been aware of the extension.

"Paperworks laying on the desk, waiting there." Spurgeon said. "I said, oh, I gotta do it, gotta do it. And you just keep putting that off."

Spurgeon said she doesn't like to do the paperwork as it's complicated.

"It's more complicated, it seems like." Spurgeon said. "It seems there are more things that you could dig that you couldn't"

But some taxpayers could have easier paperwork. Avery said hers was "really fast, for real."

Not filing federal tax return on time could add penalties and interests that exceed 25 percent of the balance due. 

The holiday on Monday, Emancipation Day, marks a law that ended slavery in the District of Columbia.