TDD Makes No Changes on How to Spend Your Money

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COLUMBIA - The Board of Directors of Transportation Development District met on Wednesday morning to discuss this upcoming year's agenda. Five different locations including Broadway-Fairview, Grindstone Plaza, Rock Bridge Center, Shoppes at Stadium and Conley Road were considered for improvements.  A Transportation Development District is responsible for developing, improving, maintaining, or operating projects relative to the needs of a specific area.

New officers were elected to serve for the district until their successors are elected. The board adopted and approved all the resolutions on each TDD agenda.  The board said they don't expect any major changes for next year's meeting either.

Attorney Robert Hollis said, "The only major changes that I can think of would be for the Conley Road Transportation Development District and to the extent that it makes progress in road work and other construction projects that it has planned."

Hollis also said it's important to have these meetings once a year. "Missouri statutes require that Transportation Development Districts meet on an annual basis so there are various housekeeping items that need to be taken care of that are required annually."

Funding of TDD projects comes from property or sales taxes with a required majority voter or petition approval.

Typical budget projects for TDD include improvements to streets, highways, roads, intersections, bridges or bus stops.  The next board of directors' meeting will be March 20, 2014.