Teachers work to keep kids focused before breaks

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COLUMBIA - As Thanksgiving and winter breaks approach, the change in school schedules can have a toll on elementary and secondary students. Students start to get more restless in class the closer they get to having time off from school, causing teachers to adjust how they teach.

"Their minds are on what they're going to do over Thanksgiving break," Southern Boone Elementary school teacher Christina Nussbaum said.

Nussbaum said she changes how she introduces new curriculum in order to create a more engaging learning environment. 

"You can always tell a little bit of a difference in kids before break," Nussbaum said. 

Teachers said students also tend to have more stress which contributes to the lack of focus. Students worry about their travel plans over break as well as their schedule changes. For students who may stress over eating over break, the Southern Boone School District aims to ensure all children have a meal. 

"We do have a buddy pack program in school so that's just for those kids who need extra meals and extra food," Nussbaum said. "Ashland is a supportive community and has a lot of programs in place to ease kid's fear about the holidays if they have any."

Teachers are also encouraging parents to keep a structured routine at home to maintain structure within the classroom.