Teamwork at Local Food Banks

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MOBERLY - The Christos Food Pantry in Moberly has seen an increase in business. Liz Schopp runs the food pantry and said it serves more than 500 Mid-Missourians a month.

"I think sometimes we overlook who need it," she said. "We look at people and we say ‘they don't need stuff' and yet they do. Non-profits help the people who do come in for help."

Schopp said the food pantry would not be able to help so many people without volunteers.

"I can't put in 900 hours a week but our volunteers can," she said.

Schopp said Moberly residents in need also couldn't be helped without the Food Bank of Central Missouri.

Micheal Yetman said all non-profits, not just the Christos Food Pantry, are dependent on volunteers.

"If you can relate people to what the cause is, it's easy to get behind," he said.

Schopp said anything helps.

"One of our ladies came in last year and got food," she said. "She gave me a dollar bill and said ‘I know it's not much but it will help,' and she's right, a dollar bill from a number of people adds up but it does help."

The food bank said many of its donations come from businesses in the Moberly area and it has donated more than 800 thousand pounds of food.