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COLUMBIA - About 100 people gathered at the Missouri School of Journalism on Saturday to watch different presentations, spread ideas, and get inspired.

TEDx MU featured 11 different speakers, ranging from an astronaut to an entrepreneur to a professor.

The ‘x' stands for an independently organized TED event while TED stands for technology, entertainment, and design. TED's mission is to spread ideas and get people talking.

Cale Sears was one of the people who made TEDx possible.

He said his favorite part of organizing the event was "seeing everything come together physically."

Live streaming was also available to the community at three different locations in Columbia.
Keith Politte is the manager of Reynolds Journalism Institute's Technology Testing Center, located at the MU School of Journalism. He also helped put the event on. He said more TEDx events will take place at MU in the coming years.