Teen Challenge is Coming to Central Missouri

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COLUMBIA - Local organizers said Wednesday the nationally recognized ministry Teen Challenge will be establishing a center in central Missouri for mothers and children.

Teen Challenge provides centers across the country for mothers who are addicted to drugs, alcohol or other substances to seek assistance for both themselves and their children.

Organizers said the new center will be unique in that it will allow children to to stay with their mothers during the recovery process.  The children will also be able to receive help and counseling.

Teen Challange has been able to succesfully help thousands of individuals across the United States break their drug and alcohol addictions.  The program describes itself as the faith-based solution to the drug epidemic.

Columbia 1st Assembly of God will be hosting an informational banquet on the new center on May 31 at 6:30 p.m.   The banquet will be open to all community members interested in learning about how the center will help women in central Missouri.