Teen Jobs

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Many teens have trouble finding a part-time job.

They might be doing something wrong when it comes to job interviews or applications.

Jeff Offutt, owner of over 20 restaurants, sees his share of applicants. In fact, he's been through the entire process before. Working at Baskin Robbins as a teenager, Offutt has learned a few tricks to the trade for teens to land part-time jobs.

Offutt says that teens who dress neatly, smile and make eye contact have a better chance at leaving a lasting impression.

"I can't tell you how many mumble and don't look off the floor," Offutt said.

When teens let their personality shine, they also could have a greater influence on potential bosses.

"If you have a good attitude, good personality, you can find a job just like that," Offutt said.

Also, Offutt offers advice on tattoos.

"How would my grandmother think about that person in front of them. If the tattoos are easily coverable we can work with that, but if not it's negative, same thing with piercings as well. Go into the establishment and look around if you see what the current employees look like. If they have piercings and tattoos, then it's probably alright, but if you don't see those, you might choose to cover up," Offutt said.