Tellers displays local Columbia photographer

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COLUMBIA - On Sunday, Tellers Gallery and Bar showcased local freelance photographer and writer, Svetlana Grobman's pictures.


Grobman’s photography is of Missouri nature, Columbia’s street-culture and the True/False Film Festival. The gallery is free to the public.


Grobman's first big break came in 2015, when she published a book about growing up in Moscow, Russia. Grobman did not move to the United States until she was 39 years old. She is also a former librarian at the Columbia Public Library.

Deborah Rust is one of the co-owners at Tellers and said that she really enjoys seeing Grobman's photography at work everyday. 

"All of her stuff shows a wide variety of people and places from all over the world, it's really quite beautiful," Rust said. "Just having a different work of art and different types of art just makes for a vivid and interesting atmosphere." 


In the spring, Grobman was selected as the artist for Columbia’s commemorative poster. The poster will be unveiled on September 13th at the Boone County Historical Musuem and Galleries.

"I think there is just always something different," Rust said. "Any wall on any given day you find something new that is really interesting to look at." 

Grobman was unavailable for comment as she is continuing her passion and journey in Colorado. 


Grobman’s gallery will be on display at Tellers through Friday, September 1st