Ten Senior Girls Receive Prom Styling

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COLUMBIA - It was a Cinderella-like prom story for ten Columbia high school seniors, Styliztic Salon giving girls the prom of their dreams. Four girls were selected from each high school to receive makeovers before their big day.

Denise Herndon, assistant principal at Hickman High School worked with Douglass, Rock Bridge and Hickman High School counselors and principals to select the girls on their campuses. The schools followed these guidelines to select the girls: the student must be in need, the student must not have any failing grades, the student should not have any behavior issues, and the student must be a senior on track to graduate this school year.

Overall, ten girls from the community were selected to have the Cinderella experience complete with their own fairy godmothers. Ashley Thomas and Brandi Harris, owners of Styliztic Salon held planning meetings with the girls and Hurdon to plan hair styles and make-up plans. They wanted to coordinate nail color with the girls dresses and find out if any hair accessories were needed.

During the meetings with the girls Thomas realized some of the girls were more in need than originally thought. Several of the girls did not have the means to purchase a prom dress or shoes. Herndon funded dresses, while Thomas provided jewelry, and accessories. Super Sami Beauty Supply donated hair extensions and Stylizitc Salon blacked out dates for complete makeovers.

On the day of Douglass High School's first prom in seven years, Shanae Brown and Traviara Doxley, both seniors at Douglass High school arrived at the salon before 2 p.m. and were rushed through a beauty makeover. They were transformed as their nails were done with polish and glitter, their hair was curled and makeup was applied. The high school footed the bill on the tickets to prom for these two girls.

On Saturday, May 5, the salon was filled with four Hickman High School seniors, friends and family. Thomas and Harris opened the salon before 10 a.m. starting with manicures and pedicures. Lakareisha Ingram, Sa'Dedra Hayes, Chelsea Sheley and Paige Sheets' makeovers took more than four hours.

Paige's mother had tears in her eyes as Thomas put the final layer of lip gloss on. Mother and daughter embraced and cried tears of joy at the tranformation and belief that Paige could have a senior prom to remember. Paige adorned with curls and glitter, soon headed home to put on her dress and meet a group of friends for pictures.

Chelsea Sheley, a senior at Hickman, said she was excited about feeling prettier than she has ever felt before and was most excited about seeing the reaction of her boyfriend when he finally saw her. Sheley underwent a major change, adding hair extensions on Friday night and a new dress provided by Styliztic Salon. Sheley lives with a foster family and did not have the means to buy her own dress. Thomas said they provided the dress, shoes, shawl and bling.

After hours of sitting and waiting to see herself, Sheley, got a glimpse and said she felt more beautiful and confident in that moment. With Sheley's hair and make-up done, she dressed and took photos at the salon, then made her way to Cheddars' for the big reveal.

Sheley, wearing a red gown, with glittery eyes, and a pearl necklace stepped out of her foster mom's car and was greeted with grins and smiles. Her father and aunt met her to take photos, along with friends and family. Chelsea's boyfriend smiled and was speechless as he approached.

Stylitic Salon will be helping the final four girls from Rockbridge High School on Saturday, May 10