Tenants Focus on Fire Regulations

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COLUMBIA - After a recent fire in the Ash Street Place Apartments, residents are beginning to notice their own complexes not following fire regulations.

All apartments are legally required to be equipped with fire extinguishers. If there is not an extinguisher in each unit, owners must provide extinguishers every 75 feet. Gateway Apartment tenant, Stephanie McPhee said her complex hasn't provided an extinguisher at all. "I know our smoke detectors do work," said McPhee. "But before that I hadn't thought about fire extinguishers and whether or not we had one in the building or not."

KOMU 8 News reached out to Gateway Apartments but no one would return our calls.

Fire Marshall Brad Fraizer said not only do apartments need to be equipped with fire extinguishers, they need to be serviced once a year. "The agent that's in the extinguisher could foul and the extinguisher could cake. There is any number of things that could happen," said Fraizer, "or there could just be a mechanical failure with the extinguisher if it's old."

Frazier also said tenants should verify their lease does not require them to provide their own extinguisher, as some landlords may pass that responsibility to tenants. He also urges residents to request an up-to-date extinguisher for their unit to ensure they will be prepared in the case of an emergency.