Terminated Columbia Officer Receiving Statewide Support

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Fraternal Order of Police announced Wednesday its support behind terminated Columbia Police Officer Rob Sanders. Sanders was fired after an investigation into his use of force with a prisoner on August 15.

Missouri Fraternal Order of Police President Kevin Ahlbrand said Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton wrongly terminated Sanders after the 39-page-long internal affairs report into the incident found his use of force to be justified.

Ahlbrand also said he sees this as a waste of taxpayer dollars if Burton was planning to terminate Sanders regardless of the investigation result.

Ahlbrand also said he thinks Sanders will eventually get his job back, even if it has to go to court.

In response, Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton said the force used by Sanders wasn't necessary because the prisoner was in a locked cell. He also said internal affairs only makes the recommendations and it's his job as a chief to decide punishment.