Terra Bella Teaches Sustanable Farming

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COLUMBIA - Dozens gathered at the Hillel Center on MU's campus to learn about sustainable farming. 

Residents, students and farmers joined the Osage Group Sierra Club to hear Margot McMillen speak about her services at the Terra Bella Farm. 

Terra Bella is a 160-acre farm in Callaway County, where interns are taught farm production. Products made on the farm are sold to local restaurants, natural stores and farmers.

McMillen explained the importance of sustainable farming and brought examples of some of the products from the farm. 

Osage Group Sierra Club's Jan Dye said they are interested in protecting the environment and green practices are the way to do that. 

"I think it's important for farmers to be sustainable because there is only so many resources and then they're gone," Dye said. 

McMillen also emphasised the importance of selling local produce and products to local businesses.