The Best is Yet to Come for Mizzou Tennis

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COLUMBIA -- Missouri's tennis team is on a four match winning streak, modest to some, but special to them. New Coach Sasha Schmid has the team hitting winners

"This year has just been a completely different year than we have ever had. We had new coaches come in, new facility, and it's just been a, I would say, big momentum shift," Senior Jamie Mera said.

"Really once you have great players and you can all kind of get behind the same vision and the same goal, that's when great things start to happen," Coach Schmid said.

The players say the secret to the success is obvious, Coach Schmid and her staff rejuvenated a struggling program.

"Sasha's been great, this whole year. I can't really say enough good things about her. She's extremely positive," Mera said.

Coach Schmid says next year could be better, with the squad only losing two seniors.

"Well we're hoping to build upon this year, this year has been so great for us to build a foundation. For the players that are returning, it gives them something in great confidence, in knowing that have a season like this under their belts, and they can grow and continue to build upon it next year," Coach Schmid said.

And new conference affiliation could also boost the program

"We're being realistic, we would annually love to be in the Top 25 in the nation. I think playing in the S-E-C gives you that opportunity to have that national ranking, and to play against the very best," Coach Schmid said.

In the end, this season may just be a warm-up for things to come.