The Best Thing You've Never Tried -- AJ's Eat and Drink

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MACON - AJ's Eat and Drink in Macon is owned and operated by the same family that started the iconic Pear Tree restaurant. When the Pear Tree burnt down, the Abbadessa family moved many of the items from that menu to their other restaurnt, AJ's. Now, AJ's has become a combination burger joint and steak house.

Owner Mike Abbadessa said one of the items that has made the restaurant famous is its filet mignon.

"You can see the marbling in it," said Abbadessa. "It is unbelievable, and it goes all the way through. It'll eat just like butter."

He also takes a unique approach to cooking lobster.

"A lot of times when you steam it or grill it, it'll get a little tough and a little bit chewy, but when you batter dip it that goes away," said Abbadessa. "It's litterally the perfect way to cook it."

AJ's doesn't just serve food. It makes dressings, crutons and sauces, which are sold on the shelves of Hy-Vee and Schnucks across mid-Missouri. Keep an eye out for various products with The Pear Tree label next time you're at the store.