The Callaway Singers raise donations for the Veterans of Foreign Wars

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FULTON - The Callaway Singers is giving half of its donations from today and Thursday's concerts to the Fulton Veteran of Foreign War (VFW) Post. 

Marlene Railton, Director of the Callaway Singers, said the VFW is constantly doing something for this community.

"We're really, really, trying today to be able to give back to the community especially the VFW in this town. Every time you turn around the VFW is doing something wonderful for this community. So, we thought it would be an excellent time of year for us to give back to them because they do so much for this community," Railton said.

Railton said the Callaway singers don't always raise money for other organizations. 

"We don't raise money every season. A couple of years back we did a concert for the honor flight and we gave them $1,500," Railton said.

Railton said she hopes after this weeks two concerts they will be able to give the VFW a donation that will make a difference in the local community.

"I asked the Callaway Singer if they were interested in donating their money and part of their proceeds to an entity in Fulton and it was a unanimous vote that we give half of our proceeds this season to the VFW," Railton said.

Callaway Singers Tom Clapp and Cathy Woodson have been singers in the group since the beginning of the organization, in the spring of 2006. 

"The VFW is the most active fund raiser in the community and they do so much good for the people in the community. They are always raising money for somebody that has a need and they fill the gap fantastically. They don't get enough credit for it," Clapp said.

"You look around the community and its seems like everywhere there's a need the VFW is involved somehow and they work very hard," Woodson said.

"I think it's more gratifying for us this year because it's going to the VFW."

Members wanted to make a point to give a special thanks to William Woods, the Presbyterian Church and the high school for letting them rehearse in their choir room.


Many, many thanks to the friends from the Fulton area who braved the rain and attended our concert this afternoon!  It...

Posted by Friends of Callaway Singers on Sunday, December 13, 2015