The Central Missouri Humane Society looks to expand its facility

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COLUMBIA - The Central Missouri Humane Society has brought in over 200 animals so far this year and is looking for more space to keep them comfortable. 

Michelle Casey, the associate director of CMHS, said the shelter does not have the funding for additional projects. 

“It costs $17,000 a week just to keep the lights on and the doors open in the animal shelter,” Casey said. “Not only do we use the money for electric and water, but we use the donations for food, vaccines, and medications for the animals.”

The CMHS takes in all of its money through private donations. Casey said donations and fundraisers are vital to keeping the facility up and running.

It is no secret that funding is an issue when it comes to animals rescue. The CMHS is looking to bring in more money to help expand the space it has for the animals. The shelter currently has a place for all the animals to stay, but some dogs have to stay in an outdoor area. 

“There’s no money in dog rescue, I’ll be one of the first to tell you that,” said shelter volunteer Steve Devries.

Devries has been a volunteer and foster parent at the Central Missouri Humane Society for the last 10 years. Although he enjoys helping the CMHS, he knows that funding is major issue when it comes to giving stray animals a proper home. 

To help with lack of funding and donations, the CMHS hosted fundraisers throughout the year. Two of its more popular events are whiskers and whine, in the fall, and the duck derby, which was held on April 22 at the facility.

Casey said the events went better than planned and the society hopes the money raised will big be a huge boost for future projects. 

“It’s a really fun and unique way to raise money for the animals in the shelter,” Casey said. “All of the profits go to the animals in the shelter and help to make it better for them.”

Casey has been working at the CMHS since college and said she fell in love with the job the moment she started.

“It’s a really rewarding experience to get to see animals come in and out of the shelter and leave with their forever families,” Casey said. 

Casey hopes to see the CMHS grow with her there in the next few years and continue to be a home to so many animals.

“I just hope to continue to watch us grow and flourish and hope that we can expand the space and just make this a great place for animals,” Casey said.