The Future of the Katy Bridge

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BOONVILLE - A rusty Union Pacific railroad bridge that connects the Katy Trail will be under new control after the Boonville City Council meeting Tuesday night. The former owner, Union Pacific Corp., has agreed to give the bridge to the city of Boonville. The city's Save the Katy Bridge Coalition hopes to convert it for use by hikers, bikers and Katy Trail State Park goers.

The train was built in 1932 and hasn't carried a train in a couple of decades. This is why Union Pacific wanted to tear it down to reuse the steel.

Paula Shannon, chairwoman of the Save the Katy Bridge Coalition, says it is too much of a landmark in central Missouri to be torn down. That is why she started the coalition six years ago.

Charles Birnstiel, an engineer with Hardesty and Hanover, came to town for the meeting to find a way to make the bridge fully functional again. It will not be used for train travel, but rather a pedestrian bridge "for people to get to experience the Missouri River," Shannon said.

Lisa McClary from the Boonville tourism department said, "This will be a great thing for Boonville and bring Missourians and people from all over to see this piece of our history."