The Lafayette Interchange Project is working on a $20 million project

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JEFFERSON CITY - Blasting started Wednesday for the Lafayette Interchange Project in Jefferson City. Moving forward, there will be periodic road blast over the next three to four weeks to clear rocks for new lanes and bridges.

Derek Lepper, construction Inspector for the Jefferson City Project office and MoDOT, said the approximately $20 million project is to rehabilitate some bridges and build six new ones along the span of Route 50/63 from Clark Avenue to Monroe Street.The Lafayette bridge will be widened to three lanes.

Crews are currently working on the Chestnut Bridge and it is suppose to be open in June 2015.

Lepper said the road was briefly closed Wednesday afternoon for a blast but there were no major traffic concerns.

"Right now we haven't really seen much traffic impact other than when we blast, to shut down the road for mere minutes just to keep the traffic traveling and the public safe and then we're back open again," Lepper said.

According to Lepper, the project will alleviate some traffic into downtown and around Lincoln University.

The entire project is suppose to take roughly two years. Construction will run Monday through Friday between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m.