The Mobile Vet Center travels the state helping MO veterans

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FULTON - The 40-foot-long Mobile Vet Center van was in Fulton Wednesday for an outreach event to help Missouri veterans get counselling.

The vehicle and its two staff members, Mark Johnson and Lloyd Adams, are in charge of serving 38 counties around Missouri. 

Adams said, "our goal is to be here for the veterans, to listen to what they have to say and support them." He continued by saying, "the van allows us to come to veterans who may live too far away from facilities to seek out help." 

The Mobile Vet Center offers several different types of counselling options from martial counselling to readjustment councelling. The center also provides referrals for jobs and benefit services.  

The vehicle is owned and opperated by the Columbia Vet Center and will be in Hannibal, Missouri on Friday.