The new year brings more people to the gym during the month of January

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COLUMBIA - With the start of the new year, comes new resolutions. One of the top and most popular resolutions is to become more healthy and get in shape. So it's no surprise that gym memberships almost double during the month of January.

During January 2016 to October there was a 315 percent increase around the search term 'gym' and a significant increase around fitness-related searches online.

Gold's Gym Fitness Manager John Lewis said people go into the new year excited about fitness and then it dwindles off by February.

"This is the biggest month. These next few weeks are going to be real, real busy," Lewis said. "My job is to make sure they stay with it and stay focused so at the beginning of February this gym isn't empty."

At 73 years old, Paul Hobbs just started going to the gym three weeks before the new year, but it wasn't because of a resolution.

"I actually didn't make a resolution. I just got tired of sitting around watching football, drinking beer and getting fat and flabby. I had an opportunity to come here and reverse that trend and I'm really enjoying it," Hobbs said. 

Lewis said to keep your fitness resolution is to not only focus on the one hour you spend at the gym everyday but the remaining 23 hours outside the gym. He also said you have to keep your diet in check but don't deprive yourself of pizza.