The Ozark Jazz Society continues to play after 22 years

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LAKE OZARK - After over 20 years, the Ozark Jazz Society continues to keep the beat going. The non-profit organization hosts concerts 11 months out of the year, and brings professional acts from all over the country to the Osage National Golf Resort.

The organization hosted a buffet and concert Sunday night featuring the Dave Bennett All Stars. Dave Bennett, a jazz musician, played at Carnegie Hall just a couple of years ago.

Ozark Jazz Society President Jack Schaumburg takes pride in the way the organization operates, and the acts it is able to bring. 

"We're a non-profit organization and we are dedicated to preserving the true American art form of ragtime, dixieland and swing" Schaumburg said.

The society features music from the late 1800s, the beginning of ragtime, up until the swing era. Schaumburg enjoys focusing on the old-time style of jazz music for the society's concerts.

"We're not into modern or progressive jazz; we’re into old-time jazz where you beat your feet to the music," Schaumburg said.

The society continues to thrive based on the active participation of its members. Schaumburg credited the group for paying membership fees, attending the various concerts and events, and being passionate about the music they enjoy.

"Our goal is simply to preserve this good ol' music. All of us, everybody working here, everybody donates their time and we all pay our dues and admission to the events. So it’s all just to keep this great music alive," Schaumburg said.

Dave Bennett addressed the crowd before his performance and said he was thrilled to be there and happy to see such a great turn out.

The Ozark Jazz Society's next event will feature the St. Louis Stompers at the Osage National Golf Resort on Sunday Aug. 21. Admission will be $12.50 a person and $10 a person for society members.