The Power of Beards

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OSAGE BEACH, MO - The School of the Osage won its first Tri-County Conference football championship since 1985 this season.  Trophies aren't the only thing growing at the high school this season.

The Osage High School mascot is the Indian.  So, it's odd to see the skull and cross bones on some helmets and jerseys. Senior Christian Williams knows all about this tradition, "If you play good defensively you get a black jersey. It's got the skull and crossbones on it for defense."

It might seem like they are pirates.  Afterall, they do have the beards. The Osage High School team is growing beards this season.  Dan Henderson, the Osage Head Coach, is a bit confused by it all, "The beard thing is, I don't know."

Senior running back Cody Maher feels it's more of a team bonding experiment, "Some people like to call it a playoff beard, but a couple of us started it before the season even started. just a thing to keep us even closer."

Even some of the Osage Coaches are getting in on the fun, "Coach Danes has a little goatee if you see him around. It's actually a defensive call when he pulls on it," Williams said. 

Don't expect Henderson to do any hair raising, "No, I'm not. Heck. I already don't have any hair," but Henderson does have plenty of offensive weapons.  Few are more explosive than senior wide receiver Jared Edwards.  Quarterback Dylan McNerney said, "It's just amazing. Every time you see him take off you always have a hope that he's going to score and a lot of times it's not false." 

Coach Henderson admits one problem with the offense is getting enough touches for all of his players, "We ran into the problem we don't have enough footballs for everybody.  We've got kids that need to have touches and it's sometimes hard to get them those touches."

There is one other problem, some of the players can't grow beards, "There's a few of them that got them and there's a few of them that just can't," Henderson said. 

Osage finished the season a perfect 10-0. They host Eldon in the first round of the Class 3 Playoffs Wednesday, November 2nd.