The Redeem Project Celebrates Two Year Anniversary of Service

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Redeem Project, a faith-based community resource center, celebrated two years of service in Jefferson City Thursday. The Redeem Project provides a number of programs that help people reenter society after rehabilitation or incarceration.

Executive director Vickie Bullock said the program has proved successful.

"About 75% of the people that we work with whether it's rehabilitation  or incarceration are successful. They get a job, they find a stable home and they're able to get back on track," Bullock said.

Veteran Al Brewer, a 3rd year member of the Homeless Veteran's Program, said the people running this program are the only family he has.

"They just helped me get back into society by just being there for support," Brewer said.

Brewer underwent 4 bypass surgeries and an open heart surgery because of clogged arteries. Brewer said Vickie Bullock and the pastor at Calvary Baptist Church helped him through this tough time by providing medication.

That medication is a benefit provided through the Health Care for Homeless Veterans Program. Veterans gain stability through case management services and contracted shelters.

"They were there for support with a lot of things. Helped me with food for a while, helping with my living expenses, electric and rent payments, helped guide me," Brewer said.

"They helped me get my discharge, helped me get my license. Over the years I lost everything. I never existed for 15 years," Brewer said.

The Redeem Project offers services in 21 counties. All the services are free to participants and 100% of donations go directly to services.  Administrators were careful to point out that no donations go toward administrative costs.