The Root Cellar is...Well, Uprooted

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COLUMBIA- Downtown Columbia's only grocery store opened its doors in a new location Tuesday.  The Root Cellar moved from its Eighth and Broadway basement store to East Walnut.  The Root Cellar now shares a building with the art store Artlandish.

"We liked the art district here and its a bigger space, it's three times the size," said store employee Jennifer Mantle. "In that regard we hope to expand the grocery, but we also want to add a deli, maybe do live shows at some point in time.  So it's a lot more versatile over here.  We can incorporate a lot more of Columbia into the idea of The Root Cellar."  

Store owners Jake and Chelsea Davis and Bryce Oates claim their store only sells food that is produced in the United States.  Currently they buy produce, meat and canned products from about 250 local farmers.  They hope the downtown location will not only be more convienient for Columbians who live downtown, but also that it encourages people to buy locally grown food.  

"We hope it gives customers the opportunity to buy more local products from farmers right here in Mid-Missouri," said co-owner Chelsea Davis.  "We think it's important for people to know where their food comes from and understand how to use the food that they have.  We feel like we can offer that service to customers when they have a question about the products.  We can share with them who the farmer is, when it was picked and also how to use that product once they get it home."

Co-owner Chelsea Davis spends her time away from the store...what else...tending her vegetable garden.

To find out more about The Root Cellar you can visit their Facebook page by clicking here.