The Silence is Finally Broken

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COLUMBIA - Sheldon Richardson returned to media day for the first time in more than a month after being banned to speak.

Missouri coaches temporarily banned Richardson from doing media interviews after he said Georgia played "old man football', a comment that made national news the week before Missouri played its first ever SEC conference game against the Bulldogs.

After Missouri's 41-20 loss, Richardson approached Georgia head coach Mark Richt, "I just told him, great game, good team and best of luck to you. What I said was a joke that got taken out of proportion that didn't amtter anyway, ya'll won."

Even though coaches silenced his speech for a month, Richardson made plenty of noise with his play on the field. Through five games, richardson leads SEC defensive lineman in tackles with 33. He's recorded five tackles for loss, two sacks, a pass break up and a forced fumble.

Richardson's teammate, Will Ebner, always knew Sheldon's playing potential on the field, "I knew what he was capable of doing before the season even started, it's what I expected of him. I expect more out of him each week and I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do."

Marcus Murphy says Richardson backs up what he says and isn't afraid of doing so, "he'll say whatever is on his mind, but the thing about it is is that he'll back up whatever he says. He's been doing a good job on defense and he's just coming out and fighting hard. He does do a lot of talking but he backs up everything he says."

Senior defensive back EJ Gaines say sheldon's outlandish personality is as consistent as his performance at defensive tackle,"he's wild and kind of crazy, he might not come off as it but he's a humble guy, he's a great player and he knows it and he'll let you know it."

Richardson admits being as outspoken as he is gets him in touble with Coach Pinkel. Richardson says he'll do his best to keep the outspokenness to a minimum this season.