The VolleyZou Rap

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri volleyball program is trying to get back into the NCAA Tournament after a two-year break. It's hard to believe that a trio of fraternity boys from Lambda Chi Alpha might be the key to helping the team get there.

At Missouri Volleyball games, you'll hear plenty of sounds from players, coaches, and fans, but you'll also hear something else before the match starts: rap.

"I didn't think it would be that professional or be that good," said Harrold.

Missouri Volleyball Marketing wanted a video for its cheering section, VolleyZou, so they talked to a group of Mizzou students called MO Stompin.

"We just be stomping on tracks and stuff," said Birk. He continued, "You got three white boys rapping there's going to be critics."

Because MO Stompin doesn't usually spin out volleyball verse.

Harrold said, "Really I just took him up to the office for ten minutes and jotted down some notes for him and he came back with a complete song. We switched two names in the song, that's it. He did it perfect the first time."

"I'd say on a scale of 1-10 it was a 7 on easiness," claims Birk.

"In the beginning we were harsh critics. We can't have this clip in there. Take this clip out. Change this," said Harrold.

The final product, a straight set win.

"Once I actually saw it I was like wow this is really good. These guys can actually rap," said senior outside hitter Julianna Klein.

"Everyone was like awesome I like it. So I was like alright," stated Harrold.

They shot the three and half minute video on campus.

Klein added, "I think one of the parts that I really like is seeing Wendy dancing in the background. We're all like guys, guys. It's Wendy."

They filmed it on Mother's Day weekend, and it even includes some walk-up dancers.

"There's two little girls and they have these extra long VolleyZou shirts on and they were just walking by and they were like what are you doing? Can we play? And we're like okay," recalled Harrold.

The video's gone viral. It has more than 30,000 hits on YouTube and national TV appearances on CNN and ESPN.

"I think it's really helped with our VolleyZou section because people know what VolleyZou is now, but I think it's gotten kind of cool to be a part of it," said Harrold.

Added Klein, "I couldn't have asked for something better."

VolleyZou already has plans for another video next year.