Third Goal Film Festival brings worldviews to mid-Missouri

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COLUMBIA — The 10th annual Third Goal Film Festival returns to the Missouri Theatre to showcase documentaries and films that focus on the Peace Corps’ goal to “promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.”

Put on by the Central Missouri Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, Third Goal runs Saturday, April 16. Screenings begin at noon, and the day ends with Frame by Frame, a documentary co-directed by Mizzou graduate Mo Scarpelli.

Festival coordinator Lebo Moore got involved with Third Goal when she studied as a Peace Corps Fellow in Missouri.

“It started with a group of returned Peace Corps volunteers in the Columbia area who wanted to get together and learn about the world through films,” Moore said. 

Moore has enjoyed the ability to exchange stories with other returned Peace Corps volunteers and thinks holding Third Goal in Mid-Missouri is great since it’s become a nucleus for film.

“The Columbia, Missouri group sees film as a great way to kind of promote that cultural exchange and awareness,” Moore said on sharing Peace Corps experiences through Third Goal.

Baktash Ahadi worked as an associate producer and translator for Frame By Frame, a documentary following the journey of four photojournalists in Afghanistan.

He said the documentary, which has had more than 150 screenings, reveals the Afghanistan many American don’t get to see and addresses free speech and photojournalism in the country.

“The news that we hear about Afghanistan is all relatively negative and pertains to Islamic extremism and the Taliban and war, but there’s also another side to what’s going on in Afghanistan and that is the daily lives of the people living there,” Ahadi said.

Ahadi thinks screening films such as Frame By Frame offers a unique film festival experience.

“Third Goal, in my personal opinion, is really special because it attracts former Peace Corps volunteers who have lived abroad, who have seen a different perspective of how to interpret the world here,“ Ahadi said.

Moore said more than 800 people attended the festival last year.

Third Goal is free and open to the public.